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Happy ABA Therapy is a full-service agency, servicing children diagnosed with ASD in the greater Boston area. We believe that children with autism have the potential to lead happy, productive lives. We’ve seen proof of this time and time again, as our clients grow and thrive under the expert, loving care of our therapists. Our team of BCBA's/LABA's are extremely experienced, providing individualized care that covers all areas of child development to help them improve their social, behavioral, and adaptive skills.



ABA Therapy

ABA is a time-proven method of therapy used to understand and improve specific behaviors in children with ASD.

Individualized Care

Our BCBA's create targeted treatment plans to encourage learning, growth, and independence in each child.

Behavioral Intervention

We focus on a positive behavior reinforcement program to help our clients learn age-appropriate behavior and skills.

Family Training

We provide support and guidance to the families of the children we treat to ensure optimal, continuous treatment.

Has your child been diagnosed with ASD?

Navigating the initial determination of your child’s diagnosis can be daunting – and you don’t want to trust just anyone. That’s why we start at step one, getting to know your whole child and analyzing his or her behavioral and developmental history. We lead you through the whole process with the clarity you need – and the competence you deserve. 

Take the first step toward your child’s happy future – 


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You can get your child the support and care they need by joining the hundreds of satisfied clients of the Happy ABA family.

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